Register and Pay -- 2021 NCHB Rally

  • All attendees should complete the regular registration form below. 

    • First-year guests: Welcome! Invitations to the NCHB is by sponsorship. Please complete the Registration Form including the additional section for Guests, to provide your sponsor’s name and to describe your quartetting background. (First-year guests are not required to be members of the Barbershop Harmony Society.)

    • First-year scholarship applicants: Welcome! Please complete the Registration Form AND the additional section(s) for scholarship applicants where you can describe your quartetting background and your references. Having a sponsor is not required, but if you have one, please include his name. (Scholarship applicants are not required to be members of the Barbershop Harmony Society.) We have a limited number of scholarships, so please follow the appropriate application process below as soon as possible.


Sponsors must submit a Sponsorship Recommendation for each guest they are sponsoring


Basic cost (includes music package, brigade events and fees, two nights in shared accommodation, dinner and breakfast)

  • Annual Dues / Deposit                                               $150

  • Event Cost                                                                     $115



  • Thursday night accommodation                                $60 shared, $120 single

  • Upgrade to single room for Fri-Sat                            $120

  • Brigade Shirt (required for show)                                $35

  • Additional voice part learning tracks                         $15 per voice part

  • Additional music book in PDF format                        $25

       (for those receiving printed music books)

  • Payment by PayPal                                                        +4%

The annual dues and all extras must be paid to validate your registration. The Event fee is payable in December but may be paid at registration time.


After completing the registration form, you must return here and make payment before your registration can be accepted

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