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Register and Pay -- 2024 NCHB Rally

  • All attendees should complete the regular registration form below. 

    • First-year guests: Is this the first year (or first year in a long time) that you are considering joining us at NCHB? Then Welcome! An invitation to the NCHB is normally by sponsorship, but if you do not have a sponsor, (let’s say you heard about NCHB by reputation) just fill out the registration completely anyway, and specify “No Sponsor” in the input field provided. I’ll contact you for the other essential information. First-year guests are not required to be members of the Barbershop Harmony Society.

    • First-year scholarship applicants: Welcome! Please complete the Registration Form AND the additional section(s) for scholarship applicants where you can describe your quartetting background and your references. Having a sponsor is not required, but if you have one, please include his name. Scholarship applicants are not required to be members of the Barbershop Harmony Society. We have a limited number of scholarships, so please follow the appropriate application process below as soon as possible.


Sponsors must submit a Sponsorship Recommendation for each guest they are sponsoring

Costs for the 2024 Rally:  (costs unchanged from 2023)

Basic cost,  which includes: downloadable sheet music, MP3 learning track for your voice part, brigade events and fees, two nights in a shared hotel room, Fri and Sat dinners, and Sat and Sun breakfasts:

                     $320 (For Members, $50 of this is considered annual dues)

(You may pay the $320 fee with registration, or pay $175 with registration and the balance of $145 at the event)

Cost for Scholarship attendees (instead of the above $320 fee): 

$0 for first year scholarship

$35 for second year scholarship
​$160 for third year scholarship

(the fees for scholarship attendees are NOT payable with registration, but at the event.  However, Extras below are payable with registration) 


  • Upgrade Fri-Sat Room to solo room for both nights: $132
    Add Thursday night shared room: $66
    Add Thursday night solo room: $13
    (Note that if you have a solo room on Fri-Sat, then your additional Thursday room must also be solo, and vice-versa)


  • Brigade Shirt (required for show), priced by size:

    • S thru XL $39
    • 2XL $41
    • 3XL $44
    • 4XL $46
    • 5XL $49
    • 6XL $51

(First year scholarship attendees receive their shirt free of charge)

  • Additional MP3 voice part learning tracks (download): $5 per voice part. Note that your Base registration includes your voice part MP3


  • Additional CD voice part learning tracks: $10 per CD


  • Printed booklet: $15 (Note that Base registration includes a downloadable PDF of the sheet music)

  • Payment on-line: +4%  (does not apply if you pay by check)


After completing the registration form, you must return here and make payment before your registration can be accepted

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