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North Carolina Harmony Brigade Registration Invitation


Dear Brigader,

The 29th Annual Rally of the North Carolina Harmony Brigade will be held from January 15-17 2021, at the historic Carolina Hotel in -Pinehurst, NC. Registration will open later in the year, and we encourage all experienced quartet men, to apply. The NCHB Rally is a fabulous quartetter's weekend: wall-to-wall quartet singing, fun contests, chorus concert for the community, and great camaraderie based on shared love of music and quartet singing.


Young men who are good singers but perhaps have not had quartetting experience are especially encouraged to apply. We have a number of scholarships available for those under 28 years of age, and which cover nearly all the expenses of attending the Brigade. 

Click the Scholarships tab for details.

Returning members, candidates, and scholarship applicants should apply as soon as possible after Registration opens, since slots fill up pretty fast, particularly baritones and basses. Click on the "Register" tab at the top of any of the pages in this site to start the application process.

Music Packages will be available in the summer period.

Since the NCHB is a membership organization, sponsorship by an NCHB member is usually required for first-time Guests and first-year Scholarship applicants. The sponsorship requirement can be waived for young men who are new to the Brigade concept. Just contact the Membership chairman at or 706-570-9859 with any questions. 

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