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North Carolina Harmony Brigade

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We’re Back in 2023! 

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Photo Credits (left to right): 1,3 and 4: Joe Simpson, 2, 5 and 6: David Martinez

Hooray! North Carolina Harmony Brigade Rally for January 2023 will happen! Look for registration to open by July 19, 2022.
New for 2023:


  • The date for the NCHB Rally is January 13, 2023. Back on MLK Weekend! Hooray!Mark your calendars!

  • Music Distribution: Basic music distribution will continue to be electronic this year. Music on CDs and printed music booklets will still be available for a slight extra charge.

  • As of June 1, 2022, no COVID protocols have yet been established.

  • Sadly, we have been forced to move the Rally venue away from the historic Pinehurst Hotel, as we could not accommodate the huge price increase they were offering.